Now Playing: My Radiator in a One-Man Show

some scratches

Now Presenting a One-Man Show: My Radiator
Every night mid-November through mid-April
Run time: approx. 8 hours

Water runs through the old metal bones
Spews hot liquid from its mouth
Steams, puffs
Taps offbeat into a steady drum, gallops into thumps
Suction of air from water draining from a never ending creek in a bathtub
Rain tinkering down a thin metal gutter
Cries like hungry baby crows

It’s windy and there’s a thunderstorm. The way the water hits the pipes, it’s like I’m in a small glass box outside watching and hearing it happen all around me. I should be grateful the hot water spewing from its mouth isn’t coming down on me.

There’s a blizzard coming and the lines between reality and dreams are blurring again.

As I fall asleep my snow booted feet hit black ice. I slip lying in bed, lift my feet up with a jerk as if they received an electric shock. My heart races, I was only about to fall asleep. Not fall. My radiator sounds like a never ending storm. Trapping hungry baby crows while they cry.

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