Sound of Things, The Disease of Being Busy, and Why I Write

One reason it’s important for me to write is that words have resonance. We relate to writing and other forms of art in a way that speaks to our values, experiences and hopes and we remember the art that moves us. If one person is affected by a work, even if it’s the artist, it’s worthwhile. At Zev Rector’s Everlasting Manual Electric Show last month, one of the poems I read was Sound of Things. Yesterday, poet Ona Abelis sent me the article The Disease of Being Busy, by Omid Safi because it reminded her of the piece. I received the article at about the same time I was talking to a friend about how overwhelming our schedules had recently become. It helped me to take a step back and answer the question: what am I doing this all for? I had momentarily forgotten. This is what art is capable of doing – and this is why I write.

Sound of Things is pending publication.

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