The other side is fine

some scratches

There is a glare
Caused by the stream of sun ray
Swimming in through the corner window

Her face is always clear
But his looks splotchy
Blotted out like he could be anybody

She’s wearing a sky blue dress
The color of it on a 72° day and no clouds
It’s long in the back and shorter in the front

He’s in a three piece suit
Minus the jacket
Minutes before he minuses the tie

After the picture
He clinks his knife against his champagne glass
Likening the bride and groom to Johnny and June
He smiles
Raises the bubbles in the air

And swallows it in one gulp

On the way home she holds
His hand as he looks
At the pastures that embrace the country road
At the stars that dot the midnight sky

Anywhere but at her
As she folds her hand into his
Trying to make it fit
To feel safe
To feel warm

The car pulls up to their apartment
It is tall and wide and unimpressive except that they have doormen, a pool, and a view from the 26th floor

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