Sonya Patel is currently working on a collection of poetry and a novel about family, relationships, and what it means to “move forward.” Her writing is heavily influenced by her experiences growing up in America and observations during frequent travels to India and Paris.

Music also significantly influences Sonya’s writing. She is most drawn to singer-songwriters whose raw and stripped down voices, sounds, and lyrics tell vivid and compelling stories. Her playlists include everything from folk, country and pop rock to hip hop and R&B, to blues and jazz. She will fly hundreds of miles to hear something live that piques her interest.

This is where she keeps “some scratches,” lines and ideas for future works. Sonya is published in Entityy Magazine. She is a music contributor for Greenpointers.com and Bushwick Daily, art section editor for Greenpointers.com and an associate editor for [wherever] Magazine. You can occasionally see her read around Brooklyn, NY, where she currently resides.

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