Joint Tension

some scratches

At night I
Clench my jaw
Top teeth against the outside of crooked bottom ones
A clinically diagnosed overbite
My tongue feels the roof of my mouth
The length of my jaw bone tightens

A black cable falls loosely outside of my window
It brushes and smacks
Against the white vinyl paneling
The sound of an attic ladder being pulled down
And the weight of its contents
An arthritic tendon and overstretched bone

I hear the creaks and scrapes and the tension
And at night, I clench my jaw

End and Beginning

some scratches…

When I met you last, we knew.

the radiator hisses
her white cat licks its lips
a cold drop on his tongue
from the sharp point of an icicle

i was here
the outline stain of an orange maple leaf declares
smudged and erased little by little
by the black rubber sole of his shoe

her itinerary for twelve hours of daylight:
be outside.

cherry blossoms brag
perfume is the perfect cover up
for imperfection

once, thrice, six times a spin
of a driedel

With this our past, we begin.