I chose to please

some scratches

Be independent
Know your role and play it or else

You can do whatever you want
Do something reasonable that will give you time to be a wife and mother

Money is not everything
Make a lot of money

Do something that will be stable
Nothing is stable

I love you
Just don’t make it hard

You looked lovely and cold as I passed you on the street the other day

some scratches

your green knit hat was pulled down
touching the red rims of your glasses
hands in fists dug deeply into your pocket
like you wanted to punch out the fabric

that’s probably why you didn’t see me

i gather all of my coffee grounds now
compost them on saturdays with apple cores
and banana peels, egg shells and the greens I
can’t seem to finish on my own anymore

did the freezing rain pelt your face like it did mine?

it looks uglier under the orange streetlight than
snow, stings more too
don’t know it’s under your feet
’til you hear the crunch, slip a little

Lit & Music in NYC This Week

Wednesday, February 25, 7:00pm, Cobble Hill: “You go to bathroom in a bucket, you’re heating frozen meals over a tiny little Coleman camp stove in an igloo or a small tent, but there is WiFi all over the continent.”Jynne Martin spent six weeks living in Antarctica and many of her poems in her debut collection, We Mammals in Hospitable Times, were written while there. Listen to an interview NPR conducted with her last month or listen to her read at Book Court on Wednesday. (No cover, Book Court, 163 Court Street, Court between Pacific and Dean streets)

Wednesday, February 25 through Saturday, February 28, Chelsea: As an update to last week’s rundown, additional tickets have been released for Sheila Heti’s play, All Our Happy Days Are Stupid. For excerpts of Sheila’s work, read this from her book, How Should a Person Be?, or this from her anthology, Should I Go to Grad School? ($25, The Kitchen, 512 W 19th St, 19th between 10th and 11th)

Thursday, February 26, 9:00pm, Williamsburg: Abby Payne Single Release Show with Pete Francis of Dispatch. I heard the single, “You More,” written for her wedding, at The Round Table last week and it’s stunning. (No cover, The Living Room, 134 Metropolitan Ave, Metropolitan between Berry and Wythe)

Friday, February 27, 8:15pm, Lower East Side: In 2012, I heard alt-country musician Jill Andrews at a house show in DC. She performed songs from her album, The Mirror, released the year before. Her absorbing lyrics and beautiful voice held the room in rapt attention. She is touring with Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek. Watkins also recently recorded a murder ballad, “Banks of the Ohio” with Fiona Apple. ($15 in advance, $20 at the door, Rockwood Stage 2, 196 Allen St, Houston and Allen)

Friday, February 27, 8:00pm, Lower East Side: Priya Darshini. (No cover, Rockwood Stage 1, 196 Allen St, Houston and Allen)

Saturday, February 28, 5:00pm, Lower East Side: Soul, blues, americana duo Pinkwing and folk, pop, rock singer-songwriter Megan Talay played at the December Round Table and are playing back to back again at the early show (No cover, Rockwood Stage 1, 196 Allen St, Houston and Allen)


some scratches

I’m tired of picking up the anchor
Let it sit for a while at the bottom there
Collecting seaweed, algae, and moss

The other fish will swim by and see it
We’ll sway along side of them until they pass


some scratches

soft orange light
fan blades twirl

jagged slippery rocks
dirt, unknown minerals

lick the colors like sorbet
plum, purple blackberries

dark barren branches
more leaves to be bedded on the forest floor